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Only two Padres games have ended in a tie

I was just looking at the Padres' season records throughout the years. The 2012 Padres, who back in late June were on pace to be the worst team in franchise history have turned things around quite nicely. Now they're sitting comfortably at 19th best in their glorious 44 year history.

As a quick aside, did you know that the Padres have only finished at an even .500 twice and it was in back-to-back years? Yep. It was 1982 and 1983. That's a lot Even Steven baseball.

Further did you know that the Padres have only had two tie games? It's true. Both were extra innings games that ended as result of rain.

The first was Jerry Colman's 1980 team. They played on June 9th in Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium. The game started 7 minutes late due to a rain delay. Then the Padres and Reds battled for 11 innings and 2 hours 59 minutes, before a 1 hour and 21 minute rain delay forced the Umps to call the game a 6-6 tie.

The second time was in San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium. You probably didn't even know it rained enough in San Diego to end a baseball game prematurely. Sure enough, the year was 1983 and the Padres were playing the Dodgers. They slugged it out for 14 innings and just over 4 hours before rain ended the game in a 4-4 tie.

I attended one tie ball game in my life, although it wasn't an official game. It was at Qualcomm Stadium in 1998 when the Padres played an exhibition game against the Yankees a day or so before the season started. I was with my friend who was a Yankees fan. We sat in the front row of right-center field wearing ponchos as it rained periodically. My lone memory was from the long rain delay that eventually ended the game. We stood up in T formation and made tiny circles with our outstretched hands, our ponchos draped like the wings of a flying squirrel. It's funny what the mind recollects from your youth.

The game was called a 4-4 tie and we agreed to settle things in the World Series the following Fall, which is coincidentally exactly what happened.