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Cardboard Corner: Happy Birthday, Pat Scanlon!

Sixty years. That's a lot of living. I was really traumatized earlier this month, thinking way too much about my own mortality leading up to the thirtieth anniversary of me being born on the same couch I was conceived on. But twice that? I can't imagine living twice as much as I already have but Pat Scanlon can. The former Padres infielder celebrated his sixtieth birthday today.

Pat Scanlon spent the last season of his four year career in Padres brown and yellow. After playing 2 games in 1974, 60 in '75 and 11 in '76 for the Expos, the original Scan-man got into 47 games for the '77 Padres, batting a paltry .190 with a lone homer. That actually looks good in contrast to his career numbers; he hit .186 during his tenure in Montreal.

Scanlon struggled with his defense early in his minor league days, racking up 22 errors as a third baseman in his first professional season and 24 in his second. Most of these errors were a result of his notoriously wild arm, his errant throws being not unlike aimless arrows.