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Cardboard Corner: Jack Of All Trades


Today's baseball card is not an actual baseball card. After crusting about a dozen pairs of boxers watching sexy 'lexi prance and pirouette around the diamond, I decided I couldn't wait any longer to have a card of him in a (tight-fitting) Padres uniform. I based the design on the classic 1962 Topps set. I generally don't collect cards of non-Padres but I have a soft spot for vintage so I have a couple original '62 Topps which you will see if you

Okay, we're back.


The title of this post is an allusion to both Alexi's prowess at many positions (on and off the field) and to a song on the Boss's latest record. Just as a warning, get used to hearing a bunch of Springsteen when you click on my nerdy card posts because I will use any excuse or just make one up to talk about him.

It doesn't seem like it would at the beginning but this song features some wailing 'Evil Empire'-era wailing on the guitar by Tom Morello.