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Cardboard Corner: Heart Of The Order


With SBN United around the corner, there has been internal chit-chat about covering all bases, casting a big enough net and so forth. I timidly suggested to Dex that I could incorporate my nerd-core baseball card habit into a running feature on Gaslamp Ball- or as I put it, "filler". He surprised me by being enthusiastic about the suggestion so here we are.

I'm not going to say that every entry will be relevant to that day's happenings but today's happens to be.

Bud Black got solid production from the heart of his order in today's nailbiter win over Arizona. Chase Headley was 1-4 but also added a walk, a run and his league-leading 105th RBI. Yasmani Grandal was 2-5 with a run and Jesus Guzman went 1-3 with a walk, his run and 3 RBI coming from a first inning home run.

Chase is pictured here on his 2010 Topps Heritage card (#242). The design is based off of the classic 1961 design.

The Yasmani card is a 2009 Upper Deck "USA Futures Watch" (UFWA-18), depicting him as a member of the USA Baseball Team. It features both a swatch of his Team USA jersey and his autograph; it's numbered 593 of 799. I picked this up at my local hobby store; the owner set it aside for me as soon as he pulled it.

Jesus is shown on his 2012 Topps regular issue (#14). I actually pulled this card from the only pack of new product I've purchased this year.