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Everth Cabrera's play is something like magic

When ESPN highlights the Padres as a top play, you know that it was good. For one thing, we're west coast and this happened in the bottom of the 7th, which is waaaaay past ESPN's bed time. For another thing, it's the Padres vs Arizona, so lots of ESPN viewers probably didn't realize that either team even exists.

All that said, the play was pretty amazing. Cabrera had to charge and somewhere in that crazy brain of his, he decided to start spinning around. With two steps from the bag, Everth's back was to both the runner sliding into second base and the runner hauling toward first, but that was OK, because Cabrera is magic and finished his little pirouette move into something that looked a little like a single lutz and flew over the bag while throwing blindly towards first base to finish the double play.

And then when you looked down at your watch so you could note what time it was when you saw a miracle happen, you noticed it was gone, and Cabrera later walked you over to a nearby pawn shop to show that your missing watch was actually on display next to an old PS2 in the pawn shop window and just as you were in the middle of freaking about that, Cabrera did another jumping spin move and reached through the window without breaking the glass to grab your watch and hand it back to you.