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Game Thread: 09/15 Jerry Coleman Day and Padres vs. Rockies

Our Padres couldn't get it done for The Colonel's birthday last night, but hopefully they can do it for him today, as San Diego celebrates Jerry Coleman Day and unveils the Hall-of-Famer's statue in the ballpark. The pre-game ceremony for Coleman is scheduled to start at 5:00 today, half an hour before first pitch. We will honor a man who has spent 40 years with the Padres, and 70 years in baseball altogether. A man who proudly served his country in the military, as well as brought so much to the game of baseball.

After the ceremony, we will watch our boys take on the Rockies and avoid handing the series over to them in the first two games. Time to even it up and get back in the win column!


Series Preview
Game Preview

P.S. I hear some Gaslamp Ballers will be meeting up at some point during the game today. Word is there will be some congregating in the middle of the 4th over by @neilthebeerman (at the Brickhouse Deli). Follow me on twitter at @jodes0405 or @GLBInterns and I'll try to post some tweetup updates.