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Social Media Night In The Fox Sports Suite

Our fearless leaders jbox and Dex got an invite to go to Social Media Tuesday in the Fox Sports San Diego Suite, but the sweethearts that they are they forced two of the local interns to go in their place. Here's the invite:


So, it was up to jodes0405 and myself, Wonko, to represent Gaslamp Ball and its community.

I arrived a little too early since the gates don't open till 5:30pm, but I wanted in the suite at 5pm. You see the food is free and the earlier you get there, the more food you can stuff your face with. Also, USA Men's soccer team was playing World Cup qualification game and I figured I could put that on the TV in the suite. Anyway, I hung out with Ray Kroc's Ghost and Geoff Young of Ducksnorts and Baseball Prospectus.

Once in the suite, my dreams came to life. They had hot dogs and all the fixing to build your own soft tacos. Plus, some beer, sodas, chips and chile. And, of course, the big screen TV to watch the soccer game on.


Geoff and The Ghost toured the outdoors portion of the suite and took in some Cardinals batting practice.


RJ's Fro showed up next and staked a claim on one of the seats. Then Megan, our Fox Sports San Diego's Marketing Coordinator and our hostess for the evening, showed up. She told us about a push to get people using Fox Sports' Game Connect website which connects with the game your team is playing. It gives stats and allows you to interact with Social Media. The Padres provided us with Verizon tablets to use it on, but you can get it on your smart phone too. She also gave us goodie bags, ordered up some more refreshments and answered some questions about Fox Sports San Diego's struggles to get into every San Diego household and the marketing that's going on to help get that done.

After the soccer game was done (the USA won 1-0 and it was over before first pitch), I took up my place outdoors. Perhaps I grabbed some more food. I liked put the chili and cheese on the chips. Yum. It was close to that time that jodes had arrived along with plenty of other Social Media types.

We got bombarded with texts and tweets after showing up on camera in the top of the 4th inning. As you can see by how we're all on our phones, most of us were doing our parts in the social media area. That includes the Fox Sports San Diego Girls Brittany and Nathalie.


This was apparently good luck because the 4th inning was a good one. The Cardinals got nothing that inning and the Padres scored 5. Most excellent. Jodes and I are centered in this shot. My mom is on the left. The Ghost is on the right. The Fox Sports San Diego Girls are in front and Katie Adler, wife of Steve Adler who runs Friarhood, is near them.

Speaking of The Ghost and The Fox Sports San Diego Girls, they are a set of hams.


We all eventually got together and did a group photo.


You'll notice one of the tablets lying on desk table there. You'll also notice me admiring a picture of myself in a this picture taken by. The picture is from retweet that jodes did that talked about how cool we are. Yup.


Later, we got on TV again as the TV broadcast promoting the Fox Sports San Diego Girls and Nathalie got ham it up and dance a little for everyone. This got a "Hey Now" from Mark Grant and a "Hubba, Hubba" from Dick Enberg, but maybe they were referring to jodes and I. You never know.


Jodes and I drinking in unison. It's pretty well coordinated if you watch the video. We are trained to do this at all times.


Me flailing my arms like an idiot. Because, well, I am one.


And Nathalie dancing like... well, let's not go there.

Anyway, the Padres won. Of course. And all was right in the world. We begged to be invited back for as many games as possible, but Megan gave us the look like, "In your dreams". Oh yes, it will be.