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Tony Gwynn on a scale from zero to Jerry Coleman

I, like you, am a Tony the Gwynn fan. I appreciate what he does in the booth, and he was in rare form over the weekend, but is it just me, or will he go for long periods of time with some less than stellar efforts?

I know we all like to jump all over Dick Enberg for something, which I'm not even sure what it was any more, but he's grown on all of us and we all love him now. We're all Mark Grant fans and we all still miss Mark Matt Vasgersian.

And, for the most part, I really like Tony the Gwynn, but unless he's really given something to talk about, I suspect that it takes some doing to get him into the color commentating form. When left to his own devices, I've heard Tony offer up analysis to the tune of, "He really got behind that one" for a couple batters in a row.

Also, I know Tony's had some weight changes over the last couple years what with getting real big and then getting the stomach thing and then big and then cancer treatment, but seriously, can somebody fit him with a dress shirt that is at least a little flattering? The collar specifically on his shirts is terrible. Two fingers should fit between the collar and the neck, people. Who's dressing the booth?

The best combination, I think, is having Mud, Dick and Tony in the booth at the same time, because Mud will prompt opinionated conversation that Dick doesn't quite do as effectively. And, like they did over the weekend, Mud and Tony will go at it a little bit, which makes for interesting talk.

There's no arguing that Gwynn's insights are great though, especially when he draws from his own experience. Scouting reports? I'm don't trust Gwynn's minor league knowledge more than a knowledgeable Gaslamp Baller's, but when it comes to actual analysis of play and hitting, then he's the best.

But how good is he compared to Jerry Coleman?

Let's pretend Jerry Coleman, who will be getting a statue soon and is already honored in the Hall of Fame's with a Frick Award, is the epitome of San Diego baseball broadcasting. Where would you put Tony Gwynn?

Keep in mind... we're talking about Tony the Gwynn as a broadcaster. Put on your listening ears and vote.