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Harvesting the Padres Bullpen Garden With Luke Yoder

Back in June, we learned that head groundskeeper Luke Yoder had planted a garden in the Padres bullpen to grow ingredients for some of the dishes at Petco Park. The garden consists of many different types of peppers and tomatoes which are harvested every few days.

A couple of days ago, Yoder tweeted this video that he helped make for It shows them harvesting some peppers and tomatoes from the garden. Yoder identifies some of the different peppers and suggests some things you can make with them, and then the Petco Park chefs whip up some of their bullpen relish. Then Yoder makes an LT sandwich (that's a BLT minus the B) from the bullpen garden tomatoes and eats it for the camera. Yum!

More pictures from the Padres tumblr page.