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San Diego Padres Fans highly regarded as best fielding fans in baseball

In this day and age every team's fans seem to be known for something. In St. Louis they are supposedly the best and most knowledgeable but recent studies show that in fact they're the most obese. The A's fan base is well known for being worst overall because they're pitiful and have bad skin. In LA they are widely known as classless and violent. In San Francisco their smugness makes them the best bandwagon riders. In Arizona they are the worst dressers. In Colorado they are the most nosy, always up in every other team's business.

I like that Padres fans aren't just considered the prettiest anymore, we're gaining the reputation as the best fielding fans in baseball too. As Dex says "We're very strong defensively." Sure Petco Park helps us to some extent, with the sea air allowing balls to hang a little bit longer but San Diegans have excellent hand-eye coordination which sets them apart from the butterfingers around the rest of the league.

Fox Sports San Diego has been spotlighting the fans' defense this season. We've seen guys with broken arms catching balls, veterans from Afghanistan catching balls in their beers and now a young father with baby in his arms fielding a grounder cleanly.