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Fan Happiness Project August: Arts & Crafts

OK. So referencing my handy dandy notes from back before the season started, I see that Arts and Crafts is to be the subject for August.

One way that fans love to express their fanhood is by enhancing the pleasure of watching and keeping track of baseball with various enhancements, a la arts and crafts.

Who among us hasn't, with pride, collected baseball cards and displayed them proudly or meticulously kept a binder of pages organized by player, team, or general value?

Who among us hasn't made a bracelet out of a baseball?

Who among us hasn't practiced the mysterious arts of dark Vodou in an effort to summon forgotten gods to do our bidding and cause an opposing batter to strike out and/or melt into a fiery pile of burning flesh from a giant talking alligator that we were forced to kill with a bone dagger?

Answer? All of us... Or none of us depending on how you read those previous questions.

Therefore, Arts and Crafts! If anybody has any arts and crafts that they want to show off, please do. Otherwise, we'll go over a few different arts and crafts that we can all try to show just how much we love the Padres.

August: Arts and Crafts

  • Make a baseball bracelet
  • Make a t-shirt quilt/pillow
  • Organize and display a baseball memorabilia collection
  • Start a Lucky Explorer Hat project
  • Make a Guatemalan Worry Doll in the likeness of your favorite Padre player or Padres Front Office member
  • Make a Voodoo Doll in the likeness of your least favorite player or front office member of another team

Go Padres!