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A Tale of Two Defenders

I was just watching Padres YouTube videos again. Here's two new - old timey clips.

The first is of Ozzie Smith making this diving play, where the ball takes a bad hop and he's forced to field it with his bare hand. Laid out, he leaps to his feet and throws out Jeff Burroughs. It's quite spectacular, but from The Wizard's remembrance he was unaware that he had done anything special until he heard people on the radio talking about it the next day. He acts surprised that people thought that that was possibly the greatest defensive play of all time. Like he didn't know, please. False modesty at its worst.

On the other end of the spectrum there is Benito Santiago who is throwin' fools out from his knees and is quite certain he's best ever. The last second of the clip shows him staring down the crowd, tipping his cap with a pompous look on his face.