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Padres owner Ron Fowler is pleased with the current uniforms and other important issues


XX Sports Radio: Ron Fowler Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Fowler got choked up because he never thought he'd be in this position. He also thought about what his mentor would think.
  • Moorad's group of partners were really frustrated when the deal didn't get done.
  • Fowler has been really involved in sports: San Diego Sockers, SDSU, USD, SD Sports Council, Hall of Champions, etc. "I think I understand the business of sports." He thinks he understands the SD community. He knows how to run a business.
  • He never thought that he'd own a baseball team until he worked on Moorad with issues and sat down with the O'Malley's.
  • Fowler is fan. "Oh yeah, big time Padre fan." The most frustrated he's ever been as a fan was the 90's fire sale. "I think they did it because they had to."
  • He thinks that with the O'Malley's Dodger experience and Garfinkel's business experience the team will be put on the right track.
  • Fowler had access to people that knew what was going on when the club traded Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez, so he understands that they were pragmatic business decisions. "We're going to have to make some of those." "We will make decisions that are fact based."
  • The message he'll make to the team inside the clubhouse is that they'll focus on the player and the team and they'll be supportive in the background. They'll support Garfinkel and Byrnes as well.
  • "I like a lot of the players on the team." He loves the leadership and the energy. It's a good group.
  • Fowler denied to CBS sports that he was the leader of the group, but he wasn't until the Moores accepted the deal. He was offered the position afterwards and said "this might be fun!" They voted him in 4-0.
  • They had to determine if the purchase still made sense with John Moores taking the $200 million of Fox Sports revenue. They thought they could still make it work.
  • If the Moorad group had gone forward the $200 million would not have been allowed to be used to buy the team. Major League Baseball changed the rules as the group changed. The current group followed the rules that the MLB set. He can't speak to whether he thought it was a double standard.
  • The group over-capitalized to make sure they had "some dry powder" when buying the team.
  • On changing the uniforms colors, "I'm very pleased with what we have right now." He likes retro days. It's safe to say that we'll see some brown but not on a regular basis.
  • Getting Padres on the TV to all fans is a priority, but it's not a simple solution.
  • A championship would galvanize the city. "We want to make difference to this city."