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Interview with Padres Clubhouse Attendant, James Bigler

Rather than let Annie Heilbrunn scoop us again, we caught up with James Bigler, the clubhouse attendant who wasn't getting any fan mail. He now gets fan mail, and maybe it will surprise you to learn where the fan mail is actually coming from!

After this brief snippet of conversation, we chatted with James a bit. I suggested that he take some of his new fan mail and "accidentally" leave it in with a pile of fan mail that he has to give to somebody else. After flipping through a few letters, he would say something like, "Oh... Sorry about that Mr. Chase Headley! A few of my own letters must've got in there!" And then snatch back the 6 to 10 letters that somehow got slipped in with Chase's for the day.

After seeing such a thing, Chase Headley would immediately think about how good of a clubby James must be if he's getting fan mail and that psychological effect would increase tips. If this dude gets fanmail, then he must be doing some kinda bang up job... I better kick in a couple extra hundies.

Next project... Say a quick hello to James if you see him on the street. Not creeper style, but enough to let him know he's appreciated. Not creeper style, I said.