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Magic Johnson thinks that Padres fans will root for the Dodgers because of Adrian Gonzalez

Marty Caswell interviewed Dodger owner Magic Johnson right after the blockbuster trade happened between the Dodgers and the Red Sox that sent former Padre Adrian Gonzalez to LA. Magic suggested that Padres fans will now root for the Dodgers because of Adrian. Don't believe me, watch the video I've got it all cued up for you.

Magic Johnson: He's born and raised in San Diego so we feel like, "hey look, all you guys in San Diego you can cheer for the Padres but also cheer for the Dodgers and Adrian Gonzalez".

Marty Caswell: You know that's never going to happen right? Padres fans don't root for Dodger fans.

Magic Johnson: I think that with Adrian Gonzalez and uh... they will!

I let out a loud angry laugh when I heard those words come out of Magic's mouth. The nerve of some people. "Marty had it right" I said to myself, gritting my teeth "never gonna happen", "like ever" as Taylor Swift would say. Look at it this way, most Padres fans didn't even root for the Padres when Adrian played in San Diego, they sure as hell aren't going to root for the Dodgers. Right?

Then I see my twitter timeline filled with Padres fans welcoming Adrian back to Southern California, praising him for being a good guy, talking about how he's a true San Diegan. Could people truly be rooting for him? For the Dodgers? Maybe Magic is right.

Adrian says in the following video that he's hoping that the Padres fans will still love him:

Marty Caswell: How do you think you'll be received when you back to San Diego for the first time?

Adrian Gonzalez: It's going to be a fun time for me, being able to go back, I'll be excited and hopefully the fans will still love me there.

I'm a Padres fan. I am not an Adrian Gonzalez fan, he's always annoyed me. I have enjoyed rooting against him from the moment he signed with the Red Sox. I will never be a Dodger fan, unless the price is right. I hope his new team fails just as badly as his last team. I could not be more happy that he's a Dodger and I'll soon get to root against him in person.