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These Padres Little Leaguers Are Actually Super Famous Actors

While I was browsing the Twitters today, I noticed this tweet by the Padres:

My first thought was, "Those jerseys are super awesome." My second thought was, "Hey, that looks like Stevie from Weeds!" I was going to tweet about it, but then I saw that fellow Intern Wonko already beat me to it. What a jerk.

Anyway, I couldn't get out of my head how uncanny the resemblance was. So I took to the Googles and the IMDBs, which told me that Stevie is played by twins named Ethan and Gavin Kent.

Now, if you look again more closely at that picture in the tweet, one of the boys has a nametag, upon which is written the name "Ethan." And if you look at this picture of Ethan and Gavin Kent with actress Mary-Louise Parker, it is plain to see that those Padres Little Leaguers are in fact the same boys from the show. They have also appeared on the shows Zoey 101 and Big Love, and in a movie called Labor Pains which starred Lindsay Lohan, as well as some other stuff.

Cool story, jodes!

P.S. jbox, I think you can file this under Celebrities Wearing Padres Gear.