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ESPN ranks Padres uniforms worst in the MLB

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I saw Avenging Jack Murphy tweet about this earlier. ESPN hates our uniforms more than we do. It was in February they claimed the Padres have the ugliest uniform in baseball. Now we're ranked dead last in uniform power rankings.

Uni-Watch Power Rankings (MLB)

30. Over the past several years, the Padres have constantly tinkered with a look that was never too strong to begin with, and as a result they've completely lost their way. They're never going to be perceived as a bastion of old-school classicism, so they should embrace their wacky roots. Bring on the brown and the weird design gewgaws, take a few risks, dare to experiment -- that's your team's heritage! And please, enough already with the camouflage.

I think other teams definitely have worse uniforms, like the DBacks, but I don't disagree with anything they're saying with the exception of the camouflage comment. I don't like the white pants and white numbers clashing with the camo either but the national media needs to relax already.

I'll never understand why the Padres are so ashamed of their own heritage. Embrace it, real sweetly.

inb4 This post again???