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Timely Stuff from Last Saturday's game

  • The Pad Squad sang Happy Birthday to Dex on Saturday down in the Beacher Seats. It was strange because the surrounding fans were real into it. Pad Squad Loxie was like "Hey everybody it's Dex's birthday, let's sing!" The crowd roared, "HUZZAH!" It kind of took me aback, like do these people know Dex? He's always telling me how popular he is, but I never believed him. Here's the tail end of the song, look how enthused they are.

  • Meanwhile I was up behind the Beachers hanging with the rest of the Pad Squad while they prepared to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame". I met in-game Host Pad Squad Jenna for the first time, "delightful" is a word I would use to describe her. They graciously allowed me to throw out three foam balls to the Park crowd after the song. As it turns out I'm a natural. I looked into the crowd until someone made eye contact then I dropped back in the pocket and threw a pass with lots of arc that dropped right into their hands. One Pad Squadder gasped, "You're good at this!"
  • We waited for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they came off the field. Dex was so excited and blurry.
  • We were discussing PED use. I was telling Dex that teams should be held accountable and lose the roster spot of the player that is busted. Like Bruce Bochy, in his interview with Darren Smith (MP3) pretty much admitted that he doesn't want to know, he just leaves all speculation to others. I was going to blog about it but was beaten to it by the Hard Ball Times. You know what they say about great minds... actually this probably isn't a new idea, it's just the first time I've thought about it.
  • There were a sh*t ton of Giants fans in our section. I couldn't even spot another Padre fan from where we were sitting on the third base line.