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Rain In Las Vegas Postpones Wednesday's Colorado Springs Sky Sox @ Tucson Padres Game. Wait, What?

The Tucson Padres were scheduled to play the first game of a five game set against the Colorado Springs Sky Sox last night but it was postponed and will be played as part of a double header tomorrow. The Sky Sox got stuck in Las Vegas on their way to Tucson due to storms and flooding in the area. Personally, I think Colorado Springs should have had to forfeit the game and Tucson should have been awarded a win. I could lie and say that's because I think double headers could theoretically lead to injuries or some such jibba-jabba but in all honesty, the only reason I had for saying that was that I like the TuPads and hate all things Rockies.

So, now Tucson's final homestand of the season begins tonight. I double checked to see what day of the week today is and, yep, it really is Thirsty Thursday. The game begins at 7:05. Go Li'l Pads!