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I Went to the Game: 8/22/12 Edition

now that's paper
now that's paper

I went to the game, everybody. It was cool. A moderate temperature is key to enjoying a nice baseball game in which your Padres sweep the Pirates. If our guys are going to be fouling off souvenirs, drawing walks, and almost scoring lots of runs, you want weather like it was today.

Our successful and attractive fans were snagging all the aforementioned foul balls. I think we have enough footy of Padres Fan snagging fouls to compile a montage to be played between innings. Let's get that going, those 70s blooper reels aren't going to look good on our new HD scoreboard.

Carlos Quentin owns! He effing owns!!!

I think I may have missed my window, but I'd like to be the Coca-cola Little Star. I am pretty darn good at pronouncing Padres names and I possess the unique ability to look nervous next to a Pad Squad host.

In the bottom of the 3rd, Carlos asked for an appeal on his own checked swing. I don't remember the last time I've seen that.

They played Macarena when the Pad Squad was teasing the crowd with merch. It was a unique moment because the crowd collectively decided that nobody was going to do the Macarena, not even ironically. I'm really proud of us, as a people.

After the 6th inning, the game was Friar Feud. The survey was the all-time best Padres. There were four possible answers, the contestant named the top two: Roberto Alomar and Mark Loretta. The remaing two were Quilvio Veras and then they cut away so I don't know who our fourth best second baseman was. Everyone try to guess!

B Cres played the 7th Inning Stretch and I bragged to my brother that I know that guy, kinda, and we could totes go say hi to him, but we weren't going to do that, even though we could have. It's a long walk.

I don't know if we won tacos, but I killed it at Hat Shuffle. Again.

Good sweep, everybody. Rec'd.