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The Jerry Coleman statue to be unveiled September 15th

It only makes sense. You have the Tony Gwynn statue for Mr. Padre. Now the Padres will have a statue built for Jerry Coleman.

It kinda had to be done, right? There's a Harry Caray statue. Bob Uecker is getting a statue. Ron Santo is getting a statue. The Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus is getting a statue.


However, that said, I wouldn't mind so much if the Padres got creative with the statue. I'd like for it to be voice activated. If you ask the statue what it did today, it could go on and on with a story, or maybe it would just tell you how it tried to walk to the ballpark from the hotel and ended up going three miles in the wrong direction. Stuff like that.

I'd like for the statue to be at the top of a series of steps and for the last step to be an inch taller than all the previous ones. And then if somebody trips over that last step, I'd like for the statue to animatronically start waving a star around on a fishing pole.

I do not think either of those things would be disrespectful in any way.

The statue will be coming on Jerry Coleman day, which is a nice way to celebrate a day in your honor, by immortalizing it with a statue. In the future, everybody in the world will have a statue erected and unveiled on a day in their honor.

In other news, Dave Winfield is ready to sit for any artists looking to get started on any statue for any other Padres in the Hall of Fame that may or may not be getting erected any time soon just sayin'.