Sisterhood Of The Traveling Jersey - West Virginia

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey is a Gaslamp Ball community project that will chronicle the 2012 Padres season through the lives of their greatest fans and an old jersey.

I got teh jersey in teh mails from Jonny Dub. I laid it out and sniffed it and looked at all teh pretty patches. Then I took a little nap on it. I was going to wear it around and show you what West Virginia has to offer but they won't let me out of teh house. I don't really even know what teh West Virginias do have to offer but it looks pretty boring from teh window so I guess it's just as well. I handed it off to teh skinny guy who feeds me. I'm not sure what he did with it; he was wearing it when he left with his hippie friend but he didn't have it when he got back home.

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