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Ken Caminiti had "Juice Power"

It's fun to look down our noses at Melky Cabrera and the hated Giants because he was caught with elevated levels of testosterone and will serve a 50 game suspension. The Giants are once again branded as cheaters. Though now a days every team seems to have tarnished America's Pastime by employing players who have used P.E.D.'s at one time or another. Bay Area teams just seem to do it more often than everybody else.

Even in the Padres storied history exist players who have besmirched our good reputation. 1996 NL MVP Ken Caminiti was one of the first players to admit using steroids, airing the league's dirty laundry. Wally Joyner later admitted that he too tried them for a brief period of time before coming to his senses. The only difference between the Padres players and just about every other cheating player is that our guys were never caught, they admitted it, albeit after their careers were over. So we do hold some moral high ground, if you want to call it that. The only exception is Clay Hensley who was busted in our Minor League system, but he's a Giants player now, so they carry that disgrace as well.

In any case I was watching a YouTube video of Ken Caminiti highlights and saw that the first standout play was a home run. Camniti hit the ball over an advertisement in Jack Murphy Stadium that reads "Juice Power". The truth was in front of us all along and we looked the other way.