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Carlos Quentin's rest days are usually planned in advance

"Can I get anybody some water? Gatorade?  I can still help the team from the bench."
"Can I get anybody some water? Gatorade? I can still help the team from the bench."

There was quite the debate in 8/14's Game Thread as to why Carlos Quentin wasn't in the line up. One hysterical commenter believed that Bud Black wouldn't let Quentin face right handed pitching and called for Black to be fired for the billionth time. Another more mild-mannered commenter reasoned that while the pitching match-up may play a part in the decision that it was more than likely that rest periods are scheduled to prevent further aggravation of Quentin's knees.

Bob Scanlan emailed last night to tell me that he had weighed in on the subject. He told me I was correct. Sure, he mistakenly thought the mild-mannered commenter was me since he has a link to my name in his signature, but still let it be clear, he said I was right and that's some Scanalysis you can take to the bank!

Here's how the process usually works for resting Quentin.

Q days off usually planned

Buddy understands that Q needs days off at times. Usually these days are planned out and discussed ahead of time by Buddy and Q so that they are on same page with no misunderstandings and best use of the short respite. EX; Buddy will say to Q that he’s going to get a day off during next series, what do you think would be a good day? They look at all the factors and discuss. Maybe they pick the day before a scheduled team day off to get 2 days rest, maybe the day a tough righty is going so that Kotsay can get some AB’s on a day that may be particularly tough on RHB anyway, maybe a day when a fly ball pitcher is going for Pads so Q gets day off from running balls down, maybe day game after night game, etc., etc. In other words there is no hard and fast rule on what day it will be. Yes there have been times where Q just doesn’t feel 100% and needs a day as well. Point is Q needs his preventative days at times and are usually pre-scheduled, and Kotsay needs his at bats as well to stay sharp. So far seems to be working pretty well.

So will this stop the calls for Bud Black's head on a plate? Not likely, but one can hope.