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MLB owners approve sale of Padres to O'Malley Group

Barry Bloom reported yesterday that the O'Malley group gave a 30 minute presentation to the other MLB owners and it was a rousing success. PowerPoint slides were in abundance, copious charts and laser pointers going this way and that, like a Pink Floyd laser light show. Bud Selig was giddy.

"Let me just say this: They're doing very well."

The vote was scheduled for today, but apparently it already took place. This morning Bloom tweeted that the sale was, in fact, approved. The sale needed a 75% approval vote of the 30 owners and they got it and a standing ovation to boot. Local businessman Ron Fowler is now in control and will represent the team at the ownership meetings.

John Moores who hasn't been seen in public for the last decade left the meeting the way he entered, a very rich man-- and nude, riding a white steed, accompanied by jars of his own urine.... allegedly.