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Bearded Ginger gives a behind the scenes look at the Pad Squad

Dex and I have always fantasized about joining the Pad Squad for a game. We imagine ourselves being ambassadors while frolicking among the fans, flirting with handsome bloggers, clapping rhythmically and launching T-shirts into the crowd.

The reason why I think we'd never be welcomed is that we would insist upon dressing in full uniform, booty shorts and all. We want to the whole experience and to leave nothing to the imagination...pick up right where Ex-Pad Squad Andre left off. But seriously we could pull off booty shorts. Dex has the sculpted calf muscles of a young Jet Li and in college I had an Anthropology TA tell me I have perfect knees.

The last game I attended I spied a bearded man with a shock of hair, redder than the fires of hell among the Pad Squad. It turns out he was doing a feature for Made Man, which I guess is a site for men. Peep it below.