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No offense, but I'm pretty sure I hate Nick Hundley now

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Nick Hundley

#4 / Catcher / San Diego Padres





Sep 08, 1983

Favorite Quote: "Do as I say, not as I do"

My new hatred may be unreasonable to some, but to be perfectly honest, I only kinda liked Nick Hundley before. Now, with all that's happened, I'm pretty sure I hate him.

To me, his claim to fame is, "First Padres Catcher In 6 Years Who Could Throw To Second Base". However, now that we've had a taste of the "Second Padres Catcher in 9 Years Who Could Throw To Second Base" and "Third Padres Catcher...", I'm realizing that if Nick Hundley just settled into his role as "Maybe Slightly Overpaid Catcher Kept Around To Mentor The Kids", then I'd be fine with it.

Take exhibit A: The first half of the season. Nick Hundley was our primary catcher, and the Padres sucked. Sucked. Nick Hundley went out there and his game plan seemed to be to call for whatever pitch would most quickly blow out his pitcher's arm. Why is everybody looking at the training staff? Why aren't they realizing that it was Nick Hundley who blew out all of these arms by throwing signs that made pitchers' arms fall off? He would throw signs that basically said, "Start with a curveball overhand, but midway through, drop your arm into a sidearm position and turn it into a changeup".

Do you even know what that does to a person's ligaments?

Then take Exhibit B: Yasmani Grandal and John Baker. I want to see more of either of these guys. Just like more. Yasmani Grandal reminds me of a Cuban Benito Santiago. John Baker reminds me of somebody not Nick Hundley 2012.

Exhibit C: Nick gets sent down. Works things out. Realizes what he's doing right. Comes back and goes 0-7 with 3 Ks. At least he made it on base once with a walk, so there's that.

In conclusion, when it comes to the Nick Hundley experiment, I'm over it.

I reserve the right to appreciate Nick Hundley if he ever stops sucking potato this season.