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Fan on the phone gets hit by foul ball

I was at the game last night so I missed one of the lone highlights for Padres fans. Everybody that doesn't get FSSD probably missed it too, so it's worth reviewing.

This fan was on his phone checking in to Petco Park on Four Square when he was hit in the shoulder by a foul ball off of Will Venable's bat. It was bound to happen with as many people using their phones during games.

I've gotten terrible 3G coverage this season so for the most part my phone has remained in my pocket. But you better believe that once that Free Wi-Fi comes to Petco Park sometime this month I'm going to have my face buried in my phone too. When that happens I'll be just as susceptible to foul balls and snipers as the rest of you.

As much as I like Leila Rahimi I think if she comes sniffing around for an interview after something like this, I'd make a run for it. This guy takes it in stride though and plays it off like a champ..