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Five teams interested in Chase Headley as Trade Deadline approaches

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With the trade deadline looming Chase Headley's future with the Padres hangs in the balance. Depending on who you follow on Twitter the odds of a trade happening today go from even to long shot.

Don Norcross - UT:

Guess here is that he will and Headley won’t be traded. For now.

Speaking of future, I don’t see Headley sticking around. If he isn’t moved before 1 p.m. today, he’s dealt in the offseason. Those Petco numbers are too dreary to ignore. Pads should add pitching depth in return.

If it's a big league ready starting pitcher the Padres would get in return, I think I'd prefer to keep Headley in Navy Blue and Dull Gray. Yet I yet I yearn for the excitement of a trade.

In general I'd rather have bats in the line up than arms in the rotation, but that could all change depending on which starting pitcher the Padres would acquire.