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Today's Padres Birthdays: Dave LaPoint & Mike Adams


Today brings us a pair of former Padres relievers celebrating birthdays. Lefty Dave LaPoint spent part of 1986 with the Padres, the fifth of nine teams he pitched for. Right hander Mike Adams showed up 22 years later and stuck around until 364 days ago when he was traded to Texas.

Dave LaPoint came to the Padres in a July, 1986 trade with Detroit in exchange for Mark Thurmond. Used primarily as a starter with Milwaukee, St. Louis and San Francisco, LaPoint was pushed to the bullpen by the Tigers after struggling in his starting slot and continued in that role upon his trade to San Diego, pitching 20 games out of the 'pen and making four spot starts. He was none too impressive in his 61 1/3 innings of work, posting a 4.26 ERA and an ERA+ of 86, and was released after the season. He latched back on with the Cardinals and resumed starting and continued to with the White Sox, Pirates and Yankees before making two final starts in 1991 for the Phillies. LaPoint went on to pitch in independent leagues and segued into coaching; the 53 year old now manages the Rockland Boulders in the unaffiliated Can-Am League.

Mike Adams is better remembered, partly because he was a Padre more recently, partly because he was much more successful, but mostly because it's hard to forget a guy who looks like Joe Camel.