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Huston Street gets 2 year, $14 million extension

Huston "The Avenue" Street

#16 / Pitcher / San Diego Padres





Aug 02, 1983

Talks: All gentlemanly cowboy-like

I'm gonna buy a Huston Street jersey.

Once again, the Padres, in the middle of an ownership change, in the middle of a lost season, in the middle of rebuilding, have granted an extension, this time to Huston Street.

Huston Street will be a Padre for the next couple of years along with several familiar faces. What does this mean? It means, if you're optimistic like me, that the front office thinks that the current roster healthy is competitive for the next couple of years, and I'd tend to agree, assuming they stay healthy.

What else does it mean?

It means that I'm more and more confident in my thought that the new ownership group is all but determined and that they're sending messages out that the Padres are going to hang onto talent and compete in the near future. I know there are doubters, but being able to say stuff like, "Carlos Quentin is a home town guy and will crush home runs in Petco and he's here for the next three years, and look we also will have our All-Star closer for the next two years"... That goes a long way to season ticket holders and fans.

You couple that with the Yasmani Grandals of the world and we're doing pretty good.