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Today's Padres Birthday: Carmelo Martinez

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

1980s Padres mainstay Carmelo Martinez will be blowing out 52 candles today. Okay, I seriously doubt that's happening but maybe the missus or whoever bakes his cake will get a package of number candles and use the 5 and the 2. Or maybe he won't even have a cake; some people just don't like cake. I should know; I'm one of them. Or maybe he really likes cake but can't have it because he has the diabeetus and/ or Celiac's or something. I certainly hope not but it's a possibility as I do not have access to his medical records. Point is, dude's 52 now.

Another member of the Padres family who may or may not be eating cake today is Tucson shortstop Beamer Weems. The now-25 year old, born William Thomas Weems, has worked his way up San Diego's organizational ladder since being selected in the eighth round of the 2008 draft. I had no idea it was his birthday until one of my fellow Mountaineers tweeted about it.