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Padres Trade Rumors: Street, Quentin, Denorfia, Headley


The San Diego Padres have been a popular team for trade rumors this season, and this time Bill Center of the San Diego Union-Tribune offers readers updates on several of the teams top trade targets, including Carlos Quentin, Huston Street, Chase Headley and Chris Denorfia:

While Headley has drawn the most interest from other teams, closer Huston Street and outfielder Chris Denorfia are also being pursued more than left fielder Carlos Quentin.

Center notes that at least seven teams have expressed interest in Headley, and the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates are "pushing hardest" for the Padres’ third baseman. Beyond the Orioles and Pirates, Center adds the Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks and Seattle Mariners to the list of teams pursuing Headley.

If San Diego was to trade Headley this summer, Center believes they’d receive two top prospects in return. If they hold onto him until the off-season, he thinks teams would be willing to give up a major leaguer along with a prospect. Center notes that "no contending team trading at the deadline is going to give up a proven major league player."

Center also says slugger Carlos Quentin hasn’t been the Padres most popular outfielder this summer. Instead, he reports Chris Denoria has been "pursued more" than Quentin. Closer Huston Street also continues to draw significant interest.

While they have plenty of marketable players with the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline approaching, Center says it’s not a given that the Padres make "wholesale" changes this summer. GM Josh Byrnes said San Diego’s not "going to blow this up," adding that he thinks the Padres are "closer than people think." The club has expressed interest in extending Street and Quentin.