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Padres Minor League Games Thread: 07/02

Sorry I haven't put one of these up lately. I just got caught up on all things baseball that happened over the weekend; there was a tornado here on Friday and our cable and internet was down until this afternoon. I'm not complaining, though; it could be- and for some is- much worse. I guess there was a lot of water contamination from it somehow in places; I don't know the details because when I've been without internet access for three days I go straight to catching up on the Padres, not giving anything remotely resembling half a darn how the meth-addled hillbillies upriver are going to take their monthly shower. But never mind those farmhands; let's take a look at what the Padres' farmhands are getting into tonight:

Fort Wayne Tin Caps @ Lake County Captains, 4:00pm

San Antonio Missions v. Northwest Arkansas Naturals, 5:05pm

Eugene Emeralds @ Everett AquaSox, 7:05pm

Lake Elsinore Storm v. Bakersfield Blaze, 7:05pm

Tucson Padres v. Salt Lake Bees, 7:05pm

I think I'll catch as much of the 'Caps game as I can before Alexi and the big guys take on the D-Bags. Also, on a related note, I started working on a midseasonish Minor League leaderboard and notable achievements kind of post so fret not. Because I know you were fretting.