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Watch as a kid draws Padres logos on YouTube

This kid draws sports team's logos on YouTube. His 8th drawing is chronicled by this video entitled "How to Draw the San Diego Padres Logo" which is a little misleading because it's less of a "how to" and more of a "watch me" draw the Padres logos.

I thought for sure he'd draw the new/old Swinging Friar or possibly the new alternate Petco Park logo, but he chose the most boring of logos, the club seal and the interlocking SD. Fortunately the video is filmed in fast motion and is accompanied by a video game music medley to keep us entertained.

I'll say this, from the start I was pretty impressed by his ability to draw a circle freehand. Yet he apologizes for his talent in the video description.

Pretty screwed up the circles here #:-s (embarrased)

Maybe he's talking about the inner circle which is ellipsoidal and a little whack.

Either way you've got to hand it to the kid, he's able to intensely focus on a project like this that probably took about an hour in real time. I just can't help but think that if he invested in a thicker tipped pen he'd be able to knock off these logos at a faster clip.

I like when he's filling in the spaces, he'll occasional glance up at his computer screen, just to make sure he's still supposed to be coloring in all blue. "Okay good, back to work."

He finishes the first logo at 6:15 and the second logo at 9:31. I wonder if there will ever be a need for someone to draw a logo over a long period of time, what with computers and what not.