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Interview: Pad Squad Erin

Last year when we interviewed Pad Squad Alicia we asked her to name the Funniest Pad Squadder, because we planned to interview him/her next. Her answer was Pad Squad Erin. Ah Erin, one of our favorites. Well we keep our promises. Sometimes it takes a year to follow through, but follow through we do! And without further ado...

Editor's Note: There were a lot of emoticons in her answers, but they didn't show up in the SBNation editor, so just assume she's smiling, blushing, winking and crying through this entire interview.

What made you want to be a Pad Squad member? Do you remember something specific that made you apply?

I was told that if you are on the squad you get a really great deal on Hot Dogs at the game, me being the foodie that I am immediately applied. In all actuality I am a lover of people and baseball being on Pad Squad has given me more opportunities to be involved with the community and enjoy baseball at the same time.

I just learned that the Pad Squad has a 5 year term limit and after those 5 years you're forced into retirement. On a completely unrelated note, how long have you been in the Pad Squad?

We do? Oh No!! I am in my 5th season. Should I expect a severance package? Maybe they have an opening with the Madres?

You’ve sung the National Anthem before Padres games. What’s that like? Did you lip synch?

I have sung the Anthem, It is an amazing experience, and I hope to keep doing it every year. As far as lip synching goes I will let you in on a little secret, If being compared to a singer my voice is about as good as William Hung. So you better believe I lip synch. SIKE!!! I did lip synch the first time maybe because I was so nervous I would forget the words like Christina Aguilera. The last four times have been live.

Okay, say you have to switch bodies with a Padres player for 24 hours. Who do you choose?

To choose one player is too difficult so I decided to go with Bud Black, the boss man. It is always a good feeling to be in charge.

If you could pick any celebrity to throw out the first pitch who would it be?

Ooh that is easy, definitely Will Ferrell "I think it would make for a pretty nice little Saturday, then after we could go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper; maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time."

We are always asked what a first time visitor to Petco Park should make sure they do. How would you answer that question?

Taking a tour around Petco Park is a must. This way you get to see everything in one swoop. Plus the lovely men and women who run these tours are truly fantastic. If it is a Sunday make sure the Kiddos participate in Friar Fit. Friar Fit is a great way to start the day and get a little energy out before the game starts. You are welcome moms and dads.

You never really said what you did with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey. All I saw were a few pictures and all I smelled was different varieties of perfume. Care to explain?

I am really sorry it was my 30th birthday that weekend (yes I said 30) and to be completely honest that weekend was a little crazy. I am afraid for legal purposes I can not disclose any information. If I told you, your life may or may not be in danger. I’m just saying! I can tell you though it was worn by 15 different girls in our group during the trip. That could explain the perfume.

You almost got hit by a foul ball recently in the upper deck. What happened there?

The ball was approaching, everything was in slow motion. Never did I think it would make it to the upper deck where we were. Then Bam! There it was. It bounced and hit Pad Squad Alison’s foot, Pad Squad Alyssa R. I think her motherly instinct went into full effect as she tried to protect us like your mom would in the car using her arm as a seat belt. (Real good that did.) All in all we were grateful for this close call as we made our Fox Sports debut. But, HOLY BANANA PANTS! That was a close one.

What's your favorite between inning game?

My favorite between inning game is the chin up challenge. The chin up challenge gives a contestant (usually affiliated with the military) 20 seconds to do as many chin ups that they can. I love this promotion because for every chin up done Axe donates $100 to the Padres foundation for the Armed forces foundation, and I am not going to lie it usually makes for 20 seconds of good eye candy.

And finally, which song would you choose as the Padres victory song? Which song when we lose?

As for a victory song I think we should change it up a bit and play DJ Khaled "All I Do Is Win." That song will pump anyone up. Because of the deep love I have for our team I often take it personally when we win or when we lose. In fact it hurts my heart a little when things do not go our way. So for a loser song I chose a lyrical ballad by Culture Club called "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me." I feel the chorus best expresses my feelings for the team on those rare occasions.

Thanks Erin!