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UPDATE: Padres Clubhouse Attendant STILL doesn't get fan mail

So you know how we were all going to write fan mail to our favorite Clubhouse Attendant? No?

Go refresh your memory and then hurry back.

Got it? Good. So that was last Friday. Last night we get this update from Annie.

I remember back when I was in Grad School and we had to do a lot of group projects. There was always one dude (it was always a dude) who would volunteer to not do any work whatsoever on the project but he would take everyone else's work and combine it into one "cohesive" work while putting the finishing touches on the bibliography.

I thought that was my role on this Gaslamp Ball Community Project. I thought I'd just sit back and let all of you write to him. I think all of us, including Annie thought that was their role. But we ALL need to contribute!

I was sketching out a drawing of him but I was in no rush. In fact it took me 3 hours just to put the shading on his upper lip.

Then I see this.

OMG! We made him sadder! When I saw that video of him, I didn't think it was even possible. Now it's our fault.

I decided last night that I'd scrap my drawing and I'm going to make an Apple card for him using Apple's card app. I've been anxiously awaiting the first time I would be able to use it. Since I'm going to the game tonight I'm going to take some photos, write something clever and make it right for our boy James.

Lobshots assures us that they held up their end of the deal and at least three parcels are in the mail.

Here's an example of one of the good ones.

So let's all give it another go!

San Diego Padres
Attn: James Bigler
100 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101