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The San Diego Padres on Television Updates

So here's the latest and greatest with what's going on in TV Land:

Direct TV Customers get more programming now
If you're on DirectTV, to this point, you've been getting the games, but you haven't been seeing Padres POV (featuring the 90's rap music obsessed Cary Chow) nor Padres Weekly (featuring other people). Well that's changing as of... Now I think, my notes are a bit hazy.

Padres are not on Time Warner Cable
Maybe you're a Padres fan and you're on Time Warner. It's July. It's getting to be summer time and you figure, well. It's time to start watching some Padres games so's I can beat the bandwagon rush. You turn on the television and you scan the channels. Well, I've got news for you. The Padres don't get shown on Time Warner Cable! WTF, you're saying? Well, there's an ongoing dispute on prices and blah blah blagitty blah. At this point, don't expect to see the Padres on the Time Warner Cable television until next season. You may resume whatever it was you were doing until next July.

But if you're pissed about it...
There will be a rally this Sunday. The rally is being organized by Matt Hall, columnist for the Union Tribune. I'm going to go and carry a sign that says, "inb4 glad I don't have to watch this team lose comment".

CS Keys will be on TV
Leila has been doing an admirable job and has received the perfect attendance record for the season... UNTIL NOW. She'll be taking a weekend off to rest and recuperate. I guess moving from Austin to the big city of San Diego has finally taken a bit of a toll on her so she's going to relax, but will be back later. CS Keys will be handling sideline duties so try to catch a foul ball in some creative manner to see if you can get on TV with the Keys.

Also, Tuesdays are social media nights
If you're a loyal Gaslamp Baller, then every night is a social media night, but now, but if you want to participate in the FSSD version of social media night, then let's blow it the f_ck out the water (but in like a good way).