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A Padres Fan's Outfit of the Day

For a few months I have been having awkward run-ins with my neighbor. She's a Sandy Duncan look-a-like who I would see outside taking pictures of herself with camera and tripod. She's always seems to be showing off her middle aged woman's attire. After a few weeks of uncomfortable passes in the hallway where I pretended that she wasn't posing and doing her own photo shoot and she pretended that she was adjusting the settings on her camera I finally put the pieces together. She's a blogger shooting an OOTD, or Outfit of the Day.

Here's a Padres fan's OOTD. She's wearing a faux Padres crop top jersey from Victoria Secret with the double entendre of 69 on the back and a matching pair of cutoff shorts from Kohl's. I'll let her explain.

See, I'd wear that, but I'd be afraid of wearing all that white. I'd probably spill hot dog condiments all over myself at a game.