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GM Josh Byrnes has updates on injured pitchers

XTRA 1360: Josh Byrnes Interview with Judson and Steve (MP3)

  • Byrnes was a little bit disappointed that Huston Street didn't make it into the All-Star game. As a GM it doesn't break his heart when he doesn't use his "bullets" in an exhibition game.
  • Casey Kelly threw a bullpen session with breaking balls. He's getting there.
  • Robert Erlin has stretched his throwing program out to 200 feet.
  • Anthony Bass has not started playing catch but he's feeling better.
  • Joe Wieland has had set backs and they'll know more in a week or two about what to do with him.
  • There's no definitive way to introduce a minor league player to the big leagues. Catchers really have to be ready because there is so much responsibility.
  • Byrnes isn't philosophically opposed to trading within the division. Getting the right deal is what is most important. If you make a bad deal you'll always be reminded if the player is in the division.
  • The team is playing more aggressively with more fearlessness. It's a more exciting team to watch. The record isn't where they want it to be but they can establish the style and personality of the team.
  • The ownership issue creates an extra step when/if they need to add money to the roster. They just have run it through the proper channels.
  • Byrnes thinks Padres players need to take a different approach when hitting at Petco Park. A well hit ball should be rewarded in the big leagues. If the fences are moved in it will take the topic off the table, but still remain a pitcher's park.
  • Yasmani Grandal has a lot of toughness and can run the game. Byrnes says he's beyond his years in terms of maturity.
  • There's plenty of at bats to go around for prospects and veterans alike in the minor leagues.