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Padres Asst. G.M. A.J. Hinch: "We don't have to make trades"

XX Sports Radio: A.J. Hinch Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • A.J. on Charlie Sheen throwing out the first pitch "He's famous and we like famous people to come out to the ballpark." Having Sheen shag balls with the Reds wearing a Reds hat and jersey was not ideal.
  • This has been a trying season. "To not ever be able to see the team that we drew up in the off-sesaon is tough. Regardless, we never concede, never give in." That's why you have talent in the farm system.
  • Hinch says that players are always competitive. He says that putting on the ML uniform is sacred.
  • The Front Office will adjust when ownership issues are sorted out. So far it hasn't affected any of their business. Deadlines drive business, but Hinch isn't sure if they'll be active. "We don't have to make trades."
  • Jedd Gyorko has had a successful season in the minor leagues. "He's a good baseball player." He's not the ideal build for a guy, "he's got a bigger lower half". He's gaining versatility for when the Padres need his offense. The team isn't going to know how good he is for sure until he gets at bats in the big leagues. He can play either 2nd or 3rd base.
  • Andrew Cashner needs to get healthy. Then he'll be built back up to start again. He'll be back this season, but they'll be cautious with him.
  • Hinch isn't surprised that Justin Upton is rumored trade bait.
  • He doesn't think the Padres would have a problem trading within the division. Byrnes has done it before while in Arizona. It's not always ideal, but you can't limit yourself.