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This Padres Clubhouse Attendant doesn't get fan mail, let's change that

I spent last night catching up on all the Fox Sports San Diego Programming that has been clogging up my DVR. I think I watched 3 episodes of Padres Weekly, 1 episode of Cup of Coffee with Dick Enberg and 2 episodes of Padres POV.

One segment of Padres Weekly caught my attention. Host Annie Heilbrunn did a feature on Fan Mail. Club house attendants showed how they sorted and delivered fan mail to the players. Will Venable showed some of his mail and lectured that if you want a reply you need to enclose a self addressed stamped envelope. Relax Will Venable.

But one specific part of the segment caught my attention. The shy, mild mannered Clubhouse Attendant James Bigler explained to the camera how just about everybody, even non-players get fan mail. Then he was asked by Annie if he ever gets fan mail. His response:

Embarrassed he laughs off the question, "I don't get any fan mail, no". It broke my heart. The way his voice catches and how he gets a far-away look in his eye. It kills me.

I suggested via Twitter that we remedy this situation and write him some fan mail.

San Diego Padres
Attn: James Bigler
100 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101