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2012 AAA All Star Game Open Thread

Hey, everybody! Only a little over 51 hours until our Padres play again and we can get back to reading quality game thread openers written by an exceptional wordsmith. Until then, you're stuck with joes0910 and a clumsy introduction to the AAA All Star Game.

Much like the parent Padres in yesterday's MLB All Star Game, the TuPads are represented by only one player. Tucson's Huston Street is OF Daniel Robertson, who I like to think is somehow related to a certain MIA Gaslamp Baller who's probably wearing an Oregon Ducks hoodie right now (it's cold there in July, right?). The dude Robertson actually attended rival Oregon State; he was drafted in the 33rd round of the 2008 draft. He has worked his way up through the minors exactly one level per year. Following that pattern, one could expect him to begin next season on the Major League Opening Day roster. I'm not that one.

I could talk about the guys on the TuPads roster who got snubbed and what an outrage that is but I want to keep it positive and not take away from Mr. Robertson's honor. Naah, I'd honestly love to gripe about how Jedd Gyorko should be there but the game has already started so I need to get this up. There are two outs in the top of the first and the PCL has already scored a run. Quick, change the channel to MLB Network!