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1946 PCL Promotional Film

Here is 26 minutes worth of old timey time color footage from the 1946 Pacific Coast League that was found in a storage closet not too long ago. I can't be sure but I think this is the first time that the public is able to watch it in its entirety. It's the first time I've seen it.

This old film lay dormant on a shelf in the closet of a television studio for several decades until recently rediscovered by Alan O'Connor and Bill Shubb.

[it] contains some of the only known color footage still in existence showing each of the teams in the league working out at their spring training camps.

It's the same promotional film that filmmaker Chris Boyd used for his upcoming movie "The First Padres."

From our interview with Boyd:

Then there was the discovery of some incredible archival footage. An old PCL promotional film surfaced, with some amazing scenes of the Padres in the 1940’s.

I really like watching the exercises and drills the players use here. It'd be so much more entertaining to go to Spring Training if players of today weren't just standing around most of the time.