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2012 MLB All Star Game Open Thread

"I'm just honored to be here."
"I'm just honored to be here."

Well, it's that time of year again. The time when wide-eyed children stare in awe at their idols, dreaming of the day when they too can be one of the greats and have heaps of applause and recognition placed at their feet. On the other hand, it's also the time when corrupt old men like Selig and LaRussa get to pull out their members and start helicoptering them around, daring anyone to question their ill-gotten authority. Oh, and if the used car dealer's lies and the drunk driver's grudge-holding wasn't enough to keep you away, there's always the fact that our sole representative probably won't see action.

But, hey, you never know what'll happen and at least there will be plenty of Giants in the house to talk mess about. Few things come close to the intensity of my love for my ladyfriend, my kitty and my Padres but my hatred of all things Dodgery or Giantish is nearly as strong. So, grab a cold drink and join me, won't you? Let the boos trumpet from your mouth and the panda derision flow from your fingers.