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Cashner To Start On Saturday; Stults To The DL

"Doubt me. I dare you." (Photo by Rich Pilling/Getty Images)
"Doubt me. I dare you." (Photo by Rich Pilling/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So, after asking the question as to whether Andrew Cashner should got to the rotation this season it would seem that we get our answer sooner rather than later. In a couple of tweets,'s Corey Brock sums up the news:

The injury plagued Padres have to react to another injury, this time to Eric Stults -- a pitcher who himself was filling in for previous injuries to the staff. With limited options in the minors and a desire to see what Andrew Cashner can do if returned to a starting role (he was a starter in the minors and even earned the Cubs 5th starter role last year out of spring training before getting injured), the team made the move that was already being speculated. Cashner will start on Saturday with the aforementioned 3 innings limit. The Padres recently added former starter Ross Ohlendorf to the bullpen, so you can speculate that he'll assist with some of the innings load come Saturday evening in Milwaukee.

The debate can rage on as to whether this is a good move, but nevertheless I think many of us will be quite curious as to how this turns out. With Jason Marquis set to be the 10th starting pitcher for the Padres this season, Cashner would be the 11th.

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