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Logan Forsythe's incredible defensive play

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Logan Forsythe is the Padres deus ex machina.

You need a walk off home run? Done.

Incredible defense? Here try this.


via Baseball Nation

To be fair I've seen Orlando Hudson make similar stops but then he'd just lay on the grass. When he'd eventually get to his feet he'd take a moment to adjust his uniform and brush the grass off his knees. Then he'd throw the ball into the stands to a fan before the end of the inning. Like I say, similar but not quite as good.

It all started when Joaquin Arias hit a hard grounder just out of the reach of Padres first basemen Yonder Alonso. The few Giants fans in attendance raised their arms to celebrate the base hit. Padres fans gasped as they caught a whiff of their overpowering BO. Then out of no where Logan Forsythe slides on his belly like a Shamu fish at Sea World across the turf, gathering the ball in his glove. Then it appears there are some frames missing because suddenly Forsythe is on his feet. Instead of trying to make a play at first base he twirls like the Black Swan and rifles a throw to third to make the easy out.

Forsythe plays defense like a child finger paints. He slashes and swirls on his canvas and his imagination allow him to sees things in his work that other adults can't possibly.

"That was a great great play" - Bud Black

Here's some reaction to the play on Twitter: