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We are broadening our horizons

When we first started blogging, there were four of us. There was me, jbox, Kev and Johnny Dub. We all knew each other from high school. Johnny Dub actually refused to participate, saying that nobody would ever read the blog and nothing good would ever come from it.

As soon as we started collecting readers, Kev's blogging become sporadic to the point of nonexistent and Johnny Dub tried to participate any way that he could once he saw that we were able to score free tickets every now and then.

That was back in 2005.

Since then, our little group has added 5 children, 1 wedding, 7 marathons and a graduate degree and we've tried to chug along.

We are at the point now though where we are looking to take another step at making Gaslamp Ball better. As you've all noticed, jodes has been handling the Game Day Threads and we've also, just this morning, added Wonko to the masthead. More may be on the way.

We want to get much more varied content up and more often, but as it happens in the case of the Padres, bad season burn us out really quick and when you add real life into the mix, priorities are shuffled. Therefore, a shotgun approach is going to be had and some of the Gaslamp Ballers that have been around are going to be producing content in a much more official manner.

If you've seen other SB Nation blogs, this may not seem like a big deal. Lots of blogs have upwards of a dozen contributors. But it's a big deal for us so bear with us as we loosen the reins on our little project. We are notoriously shy folk.

Thanks for reading. Go Padres.