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June Happiness Project: Look to the Future

Is James Darnell still in the organization? Is he the future?
Is James Darnell still in the organization? Is he the future?

You know, when we were first planning the Happiness Project Months prior to the season, we kinda had it in our heads that stuff might not turn out that great for the Padres. Incidentally, here's the full list of projects as we had planned them way back in February.:

  • February: Reflect on the past
  • March: Get psyched for the season
  • April: Root passionately for no logical reason
  • May: Do things in the name of fanhood that make no sense
  • June: Look towards the future
  • July: Understand the numbers
  • August: Arts and Crafts
  • September: Get some context
  • October: Appreciate baseball in general (as opposed to just the Padres)

It was not lost on us that we would probably have to be looking to the future in June and that May would probably mean that people were going to be doing stuff that didn't make much sense (like growing May Beards and watching really bad baseball).

That's also why we figured that in July, we'll probably want to do random sabermetric types of things and in August, we could just make stuff out of clay or yarn or popsicle sticks.

But it's June now and it's time for us to look towards the future. June is also a time of graduation and commencement and the time of year that the Padres will see their playoff hopes dashed against Windandsea rocks.

Wonko's got things started with the draft, TTG's been getting things going with the minor league game threads and here are the resolutions (that I'd probably need some help with because pre-draft baseball players aren't really my thing):

June: Look towards the future

  • Attend (or watch or listen to) minor league games
  • Minor leaguer awards
  • Research the Padres draft picks

Personally, I'm impressed with our prescience and the subconscious osmosis that happened that has been prompting the minor league and draft talk. I'm pleased that we basically knew this season was going to suck, but we didn't give in right away to all the negativity.

Keep things positive. That's the way to be.