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VIDEO: Cabrera makes impressive catch, Gregerson's foot deserves the credit

Here's the video of Luke Gregerson's hacky sack skills coming into play during last night's game. I guess you could credit Everth Cabrera for the catch, speedy transition and perfect throw too, if you're the type that favors participation ribbons.

Yonder Alonso deserves his due as well. Just think if it wasn't for Alonso letting the ball pop out of his glove we probably never would have taken notice of the fact that Cabrera caught the ball on the fly. The runner would have been called out by the umpire at first base and Fox Sports San Diego would have gone to commercial. The skills of Gregerson's feet would be lost. None of us would be the wiser, unless they showed a replay at the beginning of the next inning just so Mark Grant could make a comment about a frog with a tennis racket hiding out in Alonso's mitt.